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How To Dress Candles

What does it mean to "dress" candles in Hoodoo? 

The word "dressing" means rubbing oil onto an object. Anyone can dress a candle. There are several ways to dress a candle. A few more ritualised than others. 

You can dress your candle with oil by rubbing some oil onto your finger(s)/hand(s). Then rub it onto your candle toward yourself as you are holding it. This is done to draw in favourable conditions.

You can also dress the candle with oil by rubbing from the end nearest you away, to remove unfavourable conditions. 

You can Dress a candle with oil by rubbing oil from the bottom of the candle (no matter weather you are holding that end closest to you or not) toward the top to draw favourable conditions and from the top of the candle down to the bottom of the candle to remove unfavourable conditions. 

Or, (hang in there we're almost done) you can rub the oil from the middle of the candle going up and then from the middle of the candle going down. To bring in the positive and remove the negative in one burn.

Lastly, you can just put that oil onto that candle any way you like! The ingredients will do their work regardless. Like many things in modern Hoodoo, directionality in candle work is very much descended from the commercial drug stores. And other magical systems. That's fine but it's also fine if the the technique(s) don't speak to you.

The oil referred to in dressing candles is usually assumed to be a Condition oil. But in some instances I may refer to a specific oil such as Olive, Rosehip, or Carrot in your working but, in general and if you have ordered plain candles from me. I am assuming you have purchased an appropriate condition oil from me or another Conjure practitioner for use on your candle.

What does it mean when you say a candle has been fixed

The simple answer is that once an item has been dressed it may be alternatively or additionally referred to as fixed. So for example, a candle that has had oil rubbed on it is dressed, fixed or dressed and fixed depending on who has prepared the candle. Which is where it gets complicated. 

Anyone can dress a candle. A candle however is not referred to as fixed unless it has been dressed by a Hoodoo. If you have learned different from one of the many mail order "Hoodoo Schools" please don't email and argue with me. These are my teachings that I'm sharing passed to me from my people. Every family has its own ways.


A Hoodoo/Conjure practitioner or Witch has techniques for preparing their candles, ingredients, and workings that are sacred and individual.  Passed down in families or learned through their hard work and apprenticeships. DON'T ask them to tell you what they do and how they do it. That would be over stepping. Just know that when a practitioner says that a candle is dressed and fixed they have done it themselves. Even if they do not make their own candles, they have done work on yours to dress and fix it. 

My Love, Figural & other candles come to you pre dressed and fixed by me*.  Like my plain candles they are made with scent and dye. Because I believe scent and colour help to transport both our mind and our magic to where we hope the working will take us, all my candles are made with scent and dye. They are more expensive because they take longer to make and they use more ingredients. They  also spend time on my altar visiting directly with my spirits in the process.


*My plain candles are already dyed and scented. But you are required to dress them. 

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