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August 19th 2017 Treadwell's London

Hoodoo in your Kitchen

Afternoon Workshop

I will be teaching a selection of traditional workings which require only common ingredients, commonly found in your kitchen, and there will be activities and making of items to take home.  Attendees will learn, practice and create in this workshop. Please bring a pen and notebook to take notes, but all supplies and materials for the workings are provided.

Address: 33 Store St, London WC1E 7BS

Phone:   020 7419 8507



December 3rd 2016 Treadwell's London

Hoodoo 'Melting Pot' Workings
Afternoon Workshop

Hoodoo has, alongside its African roots, cultural elements of the Native American, Scandinavian, and European world. This afternoon explores some of the workings, and beliefs contributed to Hoodoo from these various cultures that surrounded its formation. Attendees will view a bone throwing demonstration, craft a sachet, a hex circle, and drink a dream tea. 

Address: 33 Store St, London WC1E 7BS

Phone:   020 7419 8507



We're going to begin an Ancestor Dream ritual that participants will be completing at home over the following days. I'll be doing a Bone & Curio reading demo and you'll be crafting things including a small Ancestor Doll for your Altar as well. The perfect ritual work for this, my favourite time of year. I'm really excited about this upcoming journey with you all and can't wait to get started. My workshops at Treadwell's sell out fast so, if you want in, please don't hesitate. 


Dr. Beetle

September 17th 2016 Treadwell's London

Old School Hoodoo Workshop

Date completely finalised! My next workshop will be on the topic of Old School HoodooWorkings.  So please save the date.  Details in the link below.



May 21st 2016 Treadwell's London
Spiritual Baths Workshop

Students will learn how to brew up a bath tea, the ingredients needed, techniques & uses.
We will touch on protection, love and money baths. They will participate in giving & receiving
rub-downs, sprays, & assist me in making a class bath, which everyone will take home with them.
£30 Limited to 12 places


Address: 33 Store St, London WC1E 7BS

Phone:   020 7419 8507


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