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Back in the day a man fed his mojo and tucked it straight into his pocket. A dark trail of whisky running down his trousers... He squelched around town being Lucky and he din't  care who knew it! Nowadays', your Bi'ness is your bi'ness, you got self respect! Right. A trail of lucky juices might be misunderstood!! Well, now you've got some choices: keep it old school, or carry handbag Hoodoo or Pocket mojo with our new Hoodoo Luxe range.  So, we don't always want our old school Hoodoo to "look"old school. Can I get an amen? And what's wrong with a bit of luxury now and again? This range is all about beauty and Hoodoo & doin' it Sankofa. Going back to go forward. A perfect union of original Hoodoo and the totally new you!

So much about Hoodoo hides in plain sight. These bottle necklaces are a great example of that. They look amazing & pack a punch. Your friends and acquaintances will never know if it's full of Chanel No.5, or Love Potion No.9, this is your secret. Each bottle comes with a long silver chain (18"drop) that can be easily switched or removed by yourself. I don't want to perpetuate a stereotype but men, the chain can be removed and the bottle carried in your pocket. There are variations in each bottle as they are handmade. No two are the same. Every bottle comes with a pipette for refilling.