Fire Reading


Fire reading is something most Hoodoos do, although there are varying levels of this. I would say that all Hoodoos that do candle work use this technique in interpreting the success of their candle work. A fast burning candle that has a proud, fat at the base, pointy at the top flame that dances gently, rhythmically if at all, is a positive sign. If the candle is for un-crossing, say, it has been a success. If it is for attraction, the spirits/saints have received your petition/request and are currently looking upon it with favour. A thin, jumpy, sooty burn is not good news. They that you have appealed to are restless (read fed-up) and for whatever reason not happy to help. In this case, drop it or sweeten the deal and try again. Along with the flame, the fire, some Hoodoos read smoke. My experience is that, with a lot of practice, most people can become passing proficient at this. Most people can see the individual shapes, symbols etc. We humans are programmed to recognise "patterns" or familiar shapes. We've all seen a tree that looked like a face or a rock that resembled a frog. I think there are not as many people who can consistently coalesce all these shapes they see into meaning. Many of us, when starting out on a long drive, would consider that our tyres suddenly and loudly blowing out was a sign that doesn't bode well for our journey. However, not all signs are so clear and while we might all say "great! This should be a fun trip" or something equally sarcastic, we wouldn't actually cancel the trip. My point here is that we all have some ability to read the signs but we don't often read the ones that are less clear, less loud and jarring, less frightening. Well Hoodoos do. They see more signs and can link them not just to their own life but to the lives, both interior and exterior, of others. They can link them not just to immediate concerns but to past and future ones. Hoodoos also read water, trees (shapes and also the movements they make in the breeze or during storms) and other natural things and phenomena. The thing to remember here is that Hoodoos believe everything is not just alive but sentient on some level. And if we believe, and if we know how, we can understand what they are telling us. So the candle, blessed, is living. And the smoke of its burning wick is talking. Watch and you will hear. The candle, Becomes the flame, Becomes the petition, Becomes the answer, Becomes the blessing, Becomes the power.

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