This was a letter sent to Aunt Bettina some time ago, and I'm reprinting here as its a reminder that sometimes there is no work to be done, sometimes, the spirits tell us to be still and wait. As difficult as this is, these moments of waiting are to be valued. They are little gifts. Opportunities to rethink our paths, to take a closer look at our emotions, desires, and maybe sometimes, our pace of life, our modern impatience. Sometimes our spiritual computer says "no". So the next time your candle goes out, you've oiled everything you can think of with Money Draw and haven't come by a penny, stop, take stock and consider whether there is another path or another solution. Or maybe it's just a waiting game.

"Dear Aunt Bettina,Every time I light my glass road opener candle it goes out! E-v-e-r-y time!! What does this mean?! Is my road already opened? Am I not ready yet? Btw, I've checked and the wick isn't cut too short.Mr. A"

Dear Brother,It means someone is working against you & you may need to clear that up first. Or it means your candle is in a draughty area! If you've checked and there are no open windows nearby or attic trap doors above, then look to the enemy at your gate! Set the "Road Opener" aside and get a white candle. Make it a plain taper type not in glass. And a white or clear holder and a white cloth. In a bowl combine Holy water and hyssop. Dip wash your hands, candle, holder & sprinkle your cloth with it. Put the candle in the holder and light it. While its burning prepare the following: Uncross oil or hyssop olive oil. If the white taper has gone out we know the matter is pressing. Extinguish the white taper, wrapping it & the holder in the white cloth. This can now be used as your signal candle. Bring it out anytime you think you may need it and it will alert you to any pressing work against you. Now bring out a reversing (two-tone) or Uncross candle & dress with the Uncross or hyssop oil and burn through. When all that has been done try addressing your 'Road Open' work again.

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