How To read A Bowl Of Water

One bowl, clean and dry. Ink (home made if possible) Water (see below) Fill your clean dry bowl with your water and begin by dropping a single drop of ink onto the surface to announce yourself. If it dives straight down to the bottom and settles, try again another time or another bowl. If ink floats on the surface then begin. Ask your question, then drop. One question, one drop. If you need clarity, ask again, drop again. No more than 3 questions and no more than 3 drops. I always try to stick to that. Too much and you'll end up with black water. I stir things up no more than 3 times. If moving water is preferred I recommend blowing on the water and NOT stirring it. If you use a stick or a spoon, the ink will adhere to it and distort your signs. If I am asking for a specific spirit's opinion, I may put something of theirs in the bottom of the bowl. I have specific spirits I sometimes do this with. Mind, I said spirits, not saints. I have saints I love and work with but I do not own anything they have touched so this won't work with them. But I do have objects from people who have since passed on - buttons, jewellery, shells etc. work well for this. Whenever possible, I recommend using, in order of preference the following waters: St. John The Baptist water, Holy water or Sea water Kananga* water, Rain water, Spring water (direct from a spring, not a bottle) Lake water, River water This technique does not produce Ouija board-like answers. So while you may get a "yes" to your question "does so and so love me?" it would be in the form of a symbol - you may see a heart, for instance, or a cowboy boot that may have special meaning to the two of you. Symbols are very personal and very individual and, for you, seeing them may require practice. So "Y-E-S" may not spell itself out but the bowl will answer your question. *I prefer to use 1-ingredient condition water. So Rose water, not Florida water and Kananga if it is only with ylang ylang, Kewda water for questions about decievers, Rose water for queries about love etc. I prefer not to use colognes.

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