Chinese Wash

I'm sure you have come across the many ways Chinese Wash is used in places of buisiness. But here's how I use it at home. Not everyone has a back door so urbanites like me use Chinese Wash by cleaning from the back wall of the house toward the front door. And from the top down. Cleaning shelves, surfaces, hard floors, etc. Paying particular attention to window sills & door frames. Use the liquid very diluted and be aware of which surfaces can take it. If you can't use soap or water on them then you can't use the liquid Chinese Wash. On surfaces that can't get wet, (or just because you prefer to use it) the herbal wash can be sprinkled as is or more finely crushed and sprinkled, then swept back up. So, sweep, dust, mop and vacuum as you go, all the way out your front door. Then gather up any debris and put it straight into the outside bin. 1-2 capfuls of the liquid Chinese wash can be added to your mop or scrubbing bucket. You will need to adjust to your taste. Sometimes you don't want it too bubbly, sometimes you need the place proper scrubbed! When finished, light a blue candle for a peaceful home and put it in a front window. Btw, do not believe the hype (read Internet), please throw your mop/scrub water away just as you've always done. And the same goes for any rubbish gathered up along your way through the house. No need to find a crossroads. And don't ever think it's ok to tip rubbish into running water. Creatures live there ya know! If you think you space was particularly funked up with bad energy, throw some salt in after the rubbish, and down the plug hole after the mop/scrub water.

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