Kananga Kalunga

You may be wondering why our "Kananga Water" is called Kananga Kalunga Water. Well, I thought I'd tell you why. Typical "Kananga Water" is used for spiritual cleansing and calling in association with ancestor work. I use my family version (with a few tweaks of my own!) in just the same way. I often use it as an offering or wipe down my ancestor spaces with it or scry with it, or put a glass of it under my bed when I need an ancestor chat in the dream world. The reason I didn't want to call it Just plain "Kananga Water" is that the base recipie I use is much older and darker than the stuff on the market. I didn't feel calling mine by the same name would do the recipe justice. And yet their recipes and mine have so clearly grown from the same root system, so I didn't want to call it something completely different. I ruminated on this and then I did a little research and found that the word Kananga, may originate from the Kikongo for "sacred waters"; such as the rivers or the sea. Kalunga refers to the home of an underworld deity and the name of the deity. Possibly this product's original association with the dead. And so, Kananga Kalunga was born!

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