In Hoodoo, candles are burned to send messages to the Ancestors, Spirits, Gods, and Goddesses. We burn them to give Power to our Wishes, and Sacrifice to our pleas. And we burn them to say Thank You. To give Praise and to Dream. Sometimes when we burn candles we gaze into a mirror, thereby crossing over into their realm, or sometimes deeper into our own! We burn them to light the darkness, to lift us up and to journey down. They are moving momento Mori, and eternal time. We burn them at Crossroads, Cemeteries, the Waters edge. In Forests, Swamps, on pavements and next to our beds. Our altars feed on them. We light them as we house clean. Or to have divination dreams. We burn candles because we are Modern and because we are Ancient. They are real and practical and mythical. And We are real and practical and mythical. We burn candles to create certain energies and shift certain energies too. As a Hoodoo, I couldn't live without them or properly die without them. I keep candles in my bag and blessed scented stubs in my pockets just in case. Hold up...anybody got a light?

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